Sunday, 26 November 2017

The President, Executive and Management Committee wish all members a happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

Round Tuit Group - This is a new group starting early 2018 and will meet on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of each month – from 12.30pm.  This new group will be for all types of crafts that you would like to work on but never have the time, eg make a lampshade, decorate a letterbox, decoupage, paint on fabric, cover chairs, make rag dolls or any arty crafty project that you would like to do.  We are looking for new members for this exciting group.  If you are interested please phone: Cheryl Knot 298-9695 / Patty Bunce 293-3307 / Christine Hughes 298-1023

Group Stop/Start Dates        
                                                           Last Day 2017                    First Day 2018 
Spinners, Knitters, Crochet (a.m.)     Monday 27 November       Monday 29 January 
Miniature Makers                              Monday 27 November       Monday 29 January 
Painters (Tuesdays)                           Tuesday 28 November       Tuesday 23 January 
Painters (Saturday mornings)            Saturday 2 December         Saturday 27 January
Spinners, Knitters, Crochet (p.m.)     Tuesday 28 November       Tuesday 30 January 
Porcelain Art                                      Wed 29 November             Wed 7  February 
Weaving                                             Friday 24 November          Wed 14 February  
Embroiderers                                     Thursday 30 November      Thursday 25 January 
Quilters                                              Thursday 23 November      Thursday 25 January           
Card Makers Plus                               Friday 24 November          Friday 26 January

End of Wall Repair & Heat Pump Update  After 27 November the heat pump will be degassed and removed.  From 2-14 December, the builder, Tracey Oliver of Redwood Builders, will begin work on repairing the end wall.  In January Henry Janssen, the painter will paint, and the new heat pump will be installed by Barrie Buck of Levin.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Our rooms are for hire for $50 per half-day and are available for craft workshops, meetings, etc, on some week days and most Saturday afternoons and Sundays.  For all enquiries, please contact Anne Bellamy on 04 293 2355.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

We are all looking forward to holding our next MARKET DAY, when we will be opening our doors to the public on Saturday 14 October at 9am.

There will be many exciting craft tables with some very beautiful and creative items for sale from all the groups of the Society, and we will also be selling White Elephant, Produce and Plants.

Tickets will also be available for a chance to win one of our fabulous raffle prizes.

Do keep Saturday 14 October free.  It is the same day as the annual Lions Club Book Fair and will be well worth a visit!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

We were delighted with the numbers of members of the public who attended our Exhibition held at the end of May this year.  The standard of work submitted by members of the Society was very high and we enjoyed the display of work submitted by the two guest artists, JoAnna Mere, jeweller, and Anna Kennett, knitter and crocheter.

Here are some photos of the Exhibition:

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Our forthcoming Exhibition

We are very pleased to publish details of our forthcoming Exhibition which will be held on
Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May, from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on both days.

We have two very exciting guest artists -
JoAnna Mere, an accomplished jeweller, whose work explores the connections between people and the land, using many items found in the marine and nature reserves of our region, and creating beautiful and amazing treasures from sustainable resources and waste materials.

Anna Kennett, whose passions are knitting and crochet, where she uses wool, cotton and other fibres, beads and other embellishments, to design and create exciting and innovative works of art, using various techniques learnt overseas, mainly from UK's top designers.

Our Exhibition will also feature a wonderful array of works created by our own members.
Entry is free and tickets will be available for a number of exciting raffles.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Open Week


Mon 27 March – Sat 1 April

Monday:         Spinning/Knitting    9.30am-12noon
                        Miniature Making    12.30-4.00pm

Tuesday:        Painting                    9.30am-12noon
                        Spinning/Knitting    7.30-9.30pm

Wednesday:   Porcelain Art            9.00am-12noon        

Thursday:      Embroidery               9.30-11.30am 
                       Quilting                      1.00-3.00pm

Friday:           Weaving                    10.00am-12noon
                       Card Makers Plus    12.30-4.00pm

Saturday:      Painting                     10.00am-12.30pm
all visitors VERY Welcome!

Groups Timetable

The following timetable shows the days and times of all the groups.  All visitors and new members are always very welcome.


Spinning/Knitting          Monday                      9.30am - 12 noon
                                     Tuesday                     7.30pm - 9.30pm       
Kapiti Miniatures          2nd and 4th Monday    12.30pm - 4.00pm    
Painting                        Tuesday                     9.30am - 12 noon     
                                      Saturday                    10.00am – 12.30pm 
Porcelain Art                Wednesday               9.00am - 12 noon     
Weaving                       2nd Wednesday          1.30pm - 4.30pm      
                                      4th Friday                    10.00am - 12 noon
Embroidery                  Thursday                    9.30am - 11.30am    
Quilting & Patchwork   Thursday                    1.00pm - 3.00pm      
Card-Making Plus        Friday                         12.30pm - 4.00pm    

For all enquiries and hall bookings please phone: 027 448 3635,              

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A big hello... from the Spinning, Knitting and Crochet groups - aka 'Thread Arts'

Summer (ok what summer) doesn't seem to deter the spinning, knitting and crochet group (SKC) from working those wheels and needles.

2017 started very well with our group hosting a morning tea for the whole society on 27 February. It was very successful.

There are two SKC groups, the first on Monday morning starting at 9.30am. The second group is on Tuesday evening starting at 7.30pm mainly for those who can't attend the SKC group during the day. These groups are great for those just starting out and for sharing ideas.  One subscription allows members to join any of the groups within the Waikanae Arts and Crafts Society. 

We always need new members so come along and join the merry crafters. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

The inaugural post....

Ok - the story starts when a poor struggling artist, on the run from a cruel harsh life as an IT specialist... came upon an oasis of creativity - and like-minded souls!

After deciding it was safe to come in from the cold - and join this band of merry creatives - she relaxed....... and in passing... mentioned what she'd been escaping from.... At that point... she was asked to have a look at a website for the group....... and existence, in general, failed - and the universe ceased to exist!

Right - so the universe didn't really cease to exist... and she 'ummm'd and 'arghhh'd a bit and then thought... 'Why not?'

So - we have the start of something new, simple in it's clarity - and full of goodness for those other hardy souls looking for the 'Oasis of Creativity'....... in Waikanae and the Kapiti Coast!