Sunday, 12 February 2017

The inaugural post....

Ok - the story starts when a poor struggling artist, on the run from a cruel harsh life as an IT specialist... came upon an oasis of creativity - and like-minded souls!

After deciding it was safe to come in from the cold - and join this band of merry creatives - she relaxed....... and in passing... mentioned what she'd been escaping from.... At that point... she was asked to have a look at a website for the group....... and existence, in general, failed - and the universe ceased to exist!

Right - so the universe didn't really cease to exist... and she 'ummm'd and 'arghhh'd a bit and then thought... 'Why not?'

So - we have the start of something new, simple in it's clarity - and full of goodness for those other hardy souls looking for the 'Oasis of Creativity'....... in Waikanae and the Kapiti Coast!

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